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Open Positions:

DC01: GeoAcoustic Mapping and Soil Classification

Offshore acoustic high-frequency backscatter strength is typically used as a proxy of soil classification. Their correct interpretation can lead to important cost reduction in exploration, further ...

DC02: Size and distribution of submarine landslides along passive continental margins

In recent decades, it has become widely accepted that submarine landslides are a widespread sedimentary process that plays an important role in the formation of continental margins. However, morpho...

DC05: Micro-structural characteristics of failure planes and weak layers – new insights from (4D) mCT measurements combined with geotechnical testing

Nowadays, the weak layer concept, i.e. failure planes of submarine landslides coinciding with mechanically weaker layers embedded within the slope stratigraphy, is commonly accepted. These weak lay...

DC06: High-performance multi-phase, volume-coupled material point method for modelling submarine landslides

Submarine landslides involve the movement of saturated sediments down a slope, interacting with seawater and/or offshore infrastructure. During landslides, the bulk of the sediment material (usuall...

DC07: Efficient landslide tsunami model with generalized rheological properties

The candidate will be responsible for developing a coupled landslide-tsunami model with optimized dispersion and to prepare and use the model for different types of scientific investigations to she...

DC10: Characterization of lithology endmembers – bridging the gap between micro-scale sediment characteristic and macro-scale landslide behaviour

Submarine landslides are gravity-driven mass movements that occur in underwater slope settings worldwide. In recent years, great effort has been put into the mapping of submarine landslides. Still,...

Closed Positions:

DC03: Understanding the influence of grain morphology and mesostructure on the initiation and runout of submarine landslides

Hydromechanical phenomena at the pore scale, such as the development of elevated water pressure, and how they are coupled to the soil’s mesostructure, are key to the initiation and runout of subm...

DC04: Towards a unified constitutive model for saturated granular fluids and solids

Submarine landslides, from the mobilization to the transport of fluid-saturated sediments, involve the understanding and modeling of geomechanical processes at multiple length and time scales. One ...

DC08: Offshore infrastructure resilient design

The candidate will be responsible for developing design procedure for hybrid foundation and incorporate within the current design practices, such as PISA method, and conducting uncertainty quantifi...

DC09: Performance-based design of offshore wind turbine foundations with Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)

The candidate will be responsible for exploiting the recent advances in performance-based approaches and machine learning (ML) to develop a fully probabilistic performance-based assessment method f...

DC11: Dynamic modelling of submarine landslides and induced tsunami propagation

This position is funded by UKRI. For more details on the projects and the application deadline, please contact Dr. Xue Zhang

DC12: Investigation on critical failure modes for resilient offshore infrastructure under extreme weather conditions

This position is funded by UKRI. For more details on the projects and the application deadline, please contact Prof. Xueyu Geng

DC13: Floating offshore wind turbine anchoring systems lifecycle analysis and optimisation design

This position is funded by UKRI. For more details on the projects and the application deadline, please contact Prof. Xueyu Geng

This project has received funding from the European Union under Grant Agreement No. 101120236
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