DC02: Size and distribution of submarine landslides along passive continental margins

Host Institutions
Kiel University (Germany)

In recent decades, it has become widely accepted that submarine landslides are a widespread sedimentary process that plays an important role in the formation of continental margins. However, morphological, seismic and core data are sparse and may investigations of submarine landslides may be biased due to the availability of data. The main aim of the project is to compile all accessible hydroacoustic, seismic and core data of the NW-African margin and map the distribution of submarine landslides along the NW-African continental margin. The work will include the analysis of the preconditioning factors of landslides along the NW-African continental margin, the tole of submarine channels for the distribution of landslides as well as comparisons with other margins. The work will allow to proof of falsify the hypothesis that current work related to submarine landslides is heavily biased by data availability.

This project has received funding from the European Union under Grant Agreement No. 101120236
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